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The purpose of Safer Internet Day is to remind all of us users to take responsibility seriously about their accounts on various services, especially when it comes to children and young adults around the world who use mobile devices. As we all become more connected, today is a great opportunity to review our accounts on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Hotmail and other services. While we all face the risk of having our personal information stolen from services we trust, we can all put a stop to it by updating our info and make use of the security options services provide.

Today, Andreas Tuerk, Product Manager at Google,  shared a few but important recommendations to protect your Google account(s):

  • Recovery information: Adding a phone number can help us get in touch if you’re locked out of your account. We’ll only use your phone number to protect your account, unless you say otherwise.
  • Recent activity: This is a quick overview of your recent sign-ins to Google. If you see any activity from a location or device you don’t recognize, change your password immediately.
  • Account permissions: These are the apps, websites and devices connected to your Google account. Take a look and make sure you trust—and actually use—all of them. You might want to remove an old phone, or that dusty app you never use.

As a thank-you for checking, Google will add 2GB on your Drive storage by completing the Google Security Checkup by February 17. It won’t take that long, so take a few minutes of your time to make sure everything looks good on your account(s).

[Source]: Google: Take a Security Checkup on Safer Internet Day.

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