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Oscar-winner actress Marion Cotillard will play a role in the upcoming film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, reports. Cotillard will join actor Michael Fassbender and director Justin Kurzel once again. The trio worked in the film Macbeth. It is still unknown what role she will play in the film.

Her presence in films should be familiar for people who have seen in The Dark Knight Rises (as Talia al Ghul) and La Vie en Rose (as Édith Piaf).

The post on also states that Cotillard’s role in Assassin’s Creed “is meant to span multiple films” if the first film shows successful results to make it into a franchise.

Production will start in early fall for an expected film debut to be distributed by Fox on December 21, 2016.

[Source]: Marion Cotillard To Star With Michael Fassbender In ‘Assassin’s Creed’ For New Regency & Ubisoft.

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