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Yesterday’s revelation of a leaked video surprised many fans of Smash. First, a few pictures made it online, followed by a video many fans believed it was real. However, it was too good to be authentic. It was too great to see Rayman as a DLC character in Smash. We know Mewtwo is coming, but Rayman won’t.

Today, YouTube user Artsy Omni shared a new video explaining how he created the video. With the use of Game Capture HD, modified artwork, plus some of his own, he shows step-by-step how he made it just right, even incorporating the animated background behind Mewtwo and Rayman, among the many other details.

Even if your favorite Smash character doesn’t make it into the lineup, like Snake, you can send a message to Artsy Omni by tweeting the name of your preferred character along with the #smashified hashtag.

Was the fake Rayman Smash video enough to fool you?

[Source]: YouTube: Artsy Omni.

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