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According to sources, Microsoft will allow developers to use the retail version of Xbox One consoles as developer kits with the goal of increasing the number of apps made for Xbox One (as universal apps) by the end of 2015, The Verge reported today.

It’s an interesting plan for Microsoft to let more users become new developers and create more apps for its newer console. The company will release a preview version of the SDK to developers and the public in May, with info to come first during its Build conference in April. Currently, Microsoft offers the ability to create Xbox One apps to certain developers and is not open to the public. With the mentioned SDK, users will be capable of testing apps, sharing them with the community of users, and will be able to play background music even when a game is played.

Support for the Kinect is still unknown at this point. The Verge article says Kinect performance has not been satisfactory for current developers. The kind of Kinect support for universal apps that Microsoft will allow is still unknown.

Eventually, makers of current Xbox One apps will have to convert them to universal apps because of the arrival of Windows 10 to Xbox One. In November, developers will need to start publishing their apps as universal ones, similar to the way developers submit their apps to the Windows Store.

[Source]: The Verge: Microsoft is ready to unleash Xbox One apps.

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