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Power/Rangers, an unofficial and violent version of Power Rangers produced by Adi Shankar has gotten the attention of fans in ways they had never expected it. The ultra-violent scenes are obviously not recommended for the main target audience who sees the TV shows, and older fans may be thinking why is actor James Van Der Beek in this video.

Still, the video has caught the attention of the parent company in charge of the Power Ranger franchise, SCG Power Rangers LLC. According to TMZ, the company has asked Shankar to take down the video. Shankar has so far refused and his representative says the video will stay online until he receives a cease-and-desist letter.

In case you haven’t seen this video, watch it if you want. It is not recommended for kids & teens.

[Source]: TMZ: ‘Power Rangers’ Creator Knock It Off With Your Van Der Beek Knockoff.

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