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Two models of the Apple Watch Edition cost more than what many people pay for their affordable, compact cars. They’re obviously for the ones with deep pockets. While millions of people can afford an iPhone, the company is taking a voyage into a new frontier. Apple today entered into the field of expensive watches, to compete perhaps with Rolex and Omega. Apple is certainly jumping into many fields where it incorporates iOS. But will the inclusion of iOS into Apple Watches attract even the people who can afford them?

While expensive watches can last for a lifetime, users of iOS may not expect the same for their watches. Apple brings newer version of their devices every year, supposedly better than the ones the years before. Has the company announced ways to update the Apple Watch devices in the near future for all its users, especially for the ones who will be buying these devices at $10, $15k or $17k dollars?

The lack of an announcement about the future of the expensive watches may hold on to the users who can buy the 18-karat iOS devices starting at $10,000. The value of gold keeps going up, but will the same be said about those expensive Apple Watch Edition devices in 5 or 6 years from now? Who would want to buy them then? Hopefully, Apple will have a say soon about this. If it were simple to substitute the inside part of an Apple Watch, it could hurt future sales of the lower priced watches, but be very convenient for the most expensive ones. If it were not possible to substitute the inside technical part of the watches, then the costly models could be obsolete once updates are no longer accessible to them.

At least the Apple Watch Sport (at $349 and $399) and the Apple Watch (from $549 to $1099) plus accessories are still much more affordable for us all.

[Source]: Apple: Apple Watch Available in Nine Countries on April 24.

Apple Watch Edition: 18k Rose Gold

Apple Watch Edition: 18k Rose Gold

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