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The Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones is one of the top favorites in the US market, but HTC is willing to compete with its HTC One M9. With upcoming launch of both smartphones, some major mobile services in the country are already letting their customers pre-order while one will begin the process shortly.

Customers of Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T can already make the order in advanced online, while the customers at Verizon will have to wait until April 1st for pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9. Interested buyers can also pre-order both devices online at in various colors. Verizon users should contact the nearest Best Buy stores to find out if they are accepting pre-orders ahead of time, especially for the S6 (see Droid Life post).

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 will be available for purchase at stores nationwide on April 10.

Check out the links below for more info on both devices.

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