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The recent trailer of the upcoming game-based film is not the only news that got people to talk about Pac-Man. Today, a Google Maps expert announced on a Google support page people can play Pac-man in Google Maps. It is an exciting way to kill a bit of time in the work office, just don’t let your manager know about this. On PCs, people can go to and enter an address; just don’t go to the classic mode of the map. On smartphones, the mobile version will let you enjoy playing Pac-man in certain places around the world, inside the Google Maps app. This isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Just try the web site or app right now. After doing the barrel roll in Google Search and catching Pokémon in a previous version of Google Maps, it’s cool to see Google bring some fun to its services. Did I say this version of Pac-man also works with the Project Spartan browser?

[Source]: Google Support: Play PAC-MAN in Google Maps.

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