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A new video by Activision was revealed today and it seems a lot like a teaser for an upcoming videogame. Could this game be about the popular Guitar Hero franchise?

The GH franchise was all the rave for casual and hardcore gamers since 2005. In 2006, Red Octane and Harmonix were sold to Activision and MTV Networks, respectively, and the developers duties went to now-former studio Neversoft (which merged with Infinity Ward, owned by Activision), though the series’ continued success lasted until 2009. With its absence, it sounds like this is the right time to bring back the series, 10 years after it revolutionized the the music game genre to stardom.

What could fans of Guitar Hero expect tomorrow? Yes, if you watch the video, it shows “14.4.15” towards the end of the video. Hopefully, it’s a return to GH. The announcement will be made tomorrow at 11 AM Eastern / 3 PM GMT.

[Source]: Activision teases new game with guitars, drum kits….

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