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Capcom released yesterday the newest DLC pack for May with content fans from Mega Man, Metroid and Street Fighter will enjoy. The company also announced future downloads will be available on the first Friday of every month.

The free May DLC pack, available via the game’s own DLC menu, includes:

  • 14 New quests
  • Mega Man Palico gear
  • Blanka and Chun-Li Palico outfits
  • Varia Suit and Zero Suit armor sets from the Metroid series
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Yellow Pal
  • 1 new Poogie outfit
  • 3 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 2 Guild Card pose
  • 15 Guild Card titles

[Sources]: Capcom Unity: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC line-up for May; Nintendo: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC lineup for May.

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