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Pac-man became the first gaming sensation 35 years ago. The game’s character was unlike any other during its time, when 2D space games were the norm. Every Pac-man arcade got the attention of many people; the gameplay was simple enough (eating all the dots before the ghosts catch you) with the use of a joystick. Everybody back then wanted to play the game with a character who has the shape of a pizza. What’s best about Pac-man is that we are still having fun playing the original arcade title and the different variations of it.

The fame the character received was also seen in cartoons, lunch boxes, cereals, and many other products. Pac-man entered into our pop culture ever since. He’s recognizable anywhere.

Even after 35 years, Pac-man has not lost its charm, and it is in almost every electronic device available today. We’ll see him soon in the film Pixels.

Thanks to Namco for making Pac-man and bringing video games to the masses.

Happy 35th Anniversary, Pac-man!!!

Happy 35th Anniversary, Pac-man!!!

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