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Valve is already shipping kits of the Vive Developer Edition to various companies including film studios, and game developers big and small, says a Steam post. “This first wave includes a wide range of developers from major movie studios, triple A developers, to small indie teams working on their first title.” The Vive is the company’s first Virtual Reality device made in cooperation with HTC.

Chet Faliszek at Valve, who made the announcement yesterday, also mentioned more devices will be shipped in the spring and summer. Each box comes with “a headset, 2 Lighthouse base stations, 2 wireless Steam VR controllers, various cables, instructions, and everything else needed to get started.”

Though interested gamers will not be able to participate in the SteamVR Developer Hardware forum, they will be able to see what the developers are working on.

[Source]: Steam Community: Vive Developer Editions are Shipping.

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