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Aryoksini, an expert user of the Blender game engine who shared a modern look of the original Super Mario 64 [], released today a video showing how Mario looks like in an Unreal Engine 4 game.

If you watch carefully, you will not just see all the moves have been perfectly (just like in the original title), you will also see how fantastic the environments (obtained at the Unreal marketplace) looks like. Yes, fans should appreciate Aryoksini for keeping the original look of Mario in the N64 game in this video, and not using a Mario like the one seen in the Mercedes Benz commercial.

Though this is not an official Nintendo video, it looks cool to see how the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom looks like in a modern and realistic version.

For now, have fun and enjoy the video “Mario is Unreal.”

How Mario looks like in an Unreal Engine 4 game

How Mario looks like in an Unreal Engine 4 game

[Source]: Aryoksini (YouTube).

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