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Ultra Street Fighter IV for the PS4 was released with various bugs, and updates have been a necessity to make gamers happy. Earlier today, Sony and Capcom released a new USF4 update for PS4 to fix additional issues. It’s the third time both companies have been solving various crashes, animations, and miscellaneous issues. Take a look at the list of fixes released by Sony today.

  • “Skip” function mapped to Cross button during cinematics
  • Default character costume colors 11 & 12 are now unlocked
  • Anisotropic filtering improved on all stages and characters
  • Antialiasing added on all stages and characters
  • Reduced pixilation on various UI elements
  • Multiple audio balancing fixes
  • Addressed multi-hit audio issues
  • Increased resolution of visual effects
  • Sonic Boom graphical fix
  • Fixed multiple localization and font issues
  • Improved save functionality performance
  • “Press Start” replaced with “Press Options”*
  • * Note that “Press Start” isn’t a bug — it was originally left in intentionally as a tribute to Street Fighter IV’s arcade roots, but due to players’ requests, we have changed it to “Press Options.”

[Source]: PlayStation.Blog: Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 Tuesday, New Enhancements Detailed.

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