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The first trailer of the R-rated Deadpool film was surprisingly shown yesterday during the San Diego Comic-Con. After many years of seeing the hero shortly in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool will finally appear in his own film.

Ryan Reynolds will return to play as Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), an ex-Special Forces operative. “[It’s] the most faithful adaptation of a comic book to a movie I’ve ever seen,” said Reynolds according to Variety. “For one I think it’s an absolute miracle that a studio let us make Deadpool, let alone a Rated-R Deadpool.”

If you are familiar with the character in comic books, expect to see some adult language and lots of action for people 18 and older.

There has not been a Marvel film rated R since Blade in 1998.

The film will make its debut on February 12, 2016.

[Source]: Variety: SDCC 2015: First trailer of the R-rated Deadpool film.

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