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Over 4000 people were present at the two-day funeral of former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. As announced this past Sunday, Iwata died of cancer due to a tumor in his bile duct at age 55.

According to a post on The Wall Street Journal, “At a temple, people wearing black and carrying umbrellas because of a nearby typhoon lined up to pass his coffin. Some even carried a Nintendo 3DS handheld game machine, which was introduced by Mr. Iwata.”

More than 2,600 people paid their respects during the first day of the final farewell to Satoru Iwata, followed by 1,500 attendees the following day.

During the eulogy, Mr. Genyo Takeda, one of the directors at Nintendo alongside Shigeru Miyamoto, stated he and Mr. Miyamoto would strive to complete the work that Mr. Iwata started. Takeda also mentioned that the seeds that Mr. Iwata planted would one day grow into flowers “that will make people around the world smile,” according to the WSJ post.

Farewell, Iwata-san.

More than 4000 people attend two-day funeral of Satoru Iwata in Kyoto

More than 4000 people attend two-day funeral of Satoru Iwata in Kyoto

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