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The newest Spanish documentary Women+Videogames by Marina Amores premiered online a few days ago. The women in the 31-minute documentary Mujeres+Videojuegos tell their story of how they got interest in their various professions related to video games, accompanied by views of male professionals participating also in the filed of gaming. From a female translator to a programmer, from a female artist to a professional gamer, among others, they share their experiences about the treatment towards women at work, the lack of women in the industry, the history of women in technology, and the image and role of women in games, even though half of women are fans of gaming.

Marina Amores, the documentary’s director, is co-author of the documentary ‘Detrás del juego’, and journalist for EuroGamer (Spain) y Zehn Games.

Watch this very interesting video.

To watch it in English, click on CC to turn on subtitles and click on Settings –> Subtitles –> Spanish, then return to Subtitles and click Translate Options –> Translate –> English.

[Source]: Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – Universitat de Barcelona: Documental ‘Mujeres+Videojuegos’ de Marina Amores.

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