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If you are lucky enough to be able to open the Windows Store on Windows 10, you could now download the new Twitter native app for Windows 10. Even users in Microsoft’s Insider program have not had access to this program until recently today.

The new version makes use of the Microsoft Universal App platform, making it compatible with any device that uses Windows 10.

Among some of the new features in this Windows 10 app (according to the Twitter post):

•Twitter Live Tiles
•Multiple photo Tweets — upload up to four photos per Tweet
•Animated GIFs
•Vine playback
•Tweets with photos, Vine videos and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline
•Share photos privately in Direct Messages

Now, we’ll have to wait and see if Facebook and other social media services will follow the steps of Twitter in bringing their services to Windows 10 anytime soon.

Compared to the Windows 8.x version, this recent one is far more useful and organized, though it lacks features seen on TweetDeck.

Twitter native app for Windows 10 finally arrives

Twitter native app for Windows 10 finally arrives

[Source]: Twitter / Blog: A whole new Twitter for Windows.

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