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Fans of Final Fantasy got an unexpected announcement at the Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh last night when, according to composer Arnie Roth, a Final Fantasy XII remake is in the works. Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto was present at the concert.

Though FF fans should already be happy about the announcement of FFVII remake made during E3 2015, another FF remake should bring back more fans to classic titles of the franchise.

Many fans online have started to theorize if Roth meant to say VII instead of XII, or if it’s really a remaster instead of a remake for XII. Before mentioning XII, Roth had just finished talking about VII.

Hopefully, Square Enix gets to confirm or correct this statement by Roth.

Final Fantasy Network posted a video footage on YouTube of the announcement, along with a tweet about the mention.

[Source]: Rumor: Final Fantasy XII HD announced at Distant Worlds (with update of video).

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