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Nintendo announced earlier today the new Amiibo figures coming in September. Starting September 11, fans of Super Smash Bros. will be able to purchase their favorites characters, including: Zero Suit Samus (Metroid), Ganondorf, Olimar, Bowser Jr. and Dr. Mario. Also on September 11, a special Super Mario Bros. 30th series Mario amiibo will be on sale along with the game Super Mario Maker for the Wii U.

For fans of the 8-bit generation, the Retro 3 Pack, including Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, and R.O.B., will be on sale on September 25th.

Unfortunately, the release of the three Mii Fighter figures will be delayed from September until November, and will be included in a 3-pack (meaning the figures will not be sold separately).

[Source]: Nintendo via Business Wire: Nintendo News: New amiibo Figures Launching in September.

New amiibo figures coming in September

New amiibo figures coming in September

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