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With its successful limited release since August 4th, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is among the top 10 highest-grossing anime films in North America. Yesterday, the anime movie accumulated US$1.36 million to bring its five-day total gross to US$5.58 million.

Unlike most films that are shown in many more cinemas and get lots of marketing, Resurrection F was not only able to make more total gross than Hayao Miyazaki films brought over to North America by Disney, it made more money than the recently-released film Shawn the Sheep Movie (shown in 2,320 US cinemas versus Resurrection F on about 900 theaters during its first days of release and on less cinemas in the following days, including 367 cinemas for its last day).

“Due to overwhelming response from our fans, we have over 200 theaters coming back on for tomorrow,” Michael DuBoise, Executive VP & CEO at FUNimation, told “And we now have 250 for Tuesday so that will be 450 locations for those two days that we didn’t have in our initial plan. Our fan base has really embraced the film, and it’s going push (the gross) even higher in the week.”

As of today, Resurrection F is number 9 among the Top 10 highest-grossing anime movies shown in North America.

The limited release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, which ends on Wednesday, August 12, has already surpassed the grossing of previous film Battle of Z which accumulated $2.3 million in its cinematic North America release in 2013.

[Source]: ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’ In Top 10 Highest-Grossing Anime Titles Domestically In Record Time.

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