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Earlier today, Nintendo announced the upcoming game Super Mario Maker will support more than 50 amiibo; this is one of the new key game features seen in today’s overview video.

Many amiibo will be compatible with the upcoming title including third-party characters players have seen in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U such as Mega Man, Sonic, and Pac-man.

The Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo will not just work with the game, it will also unlock mustachioed enemies to perhaps try to confuse the hero. This special amiibo will make the famous plumber even more powerful by letting him destroy unbreakable blocks by becoming Big Mario.

Another interesting feature is the customization of sound effects and music blocks. According to Nintendo, “You can create your own sound effects in Super Mario Maker, with some sounds even generating fun visuals! And by shaking a classic Note Block during level creation, it becomes a Music Block. When something activates one of these Music Blocks, it will play a note based on its height, allowing players to arrange songs of all types.”

Plus, what seems to make this game more fun is the increasingly number of tools that will be available at the player’s disposal. By learning to use the current tools, gamers will have more new tools to create more fantastic levels only limited by their imagination.

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