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As a way to introduce fans to its newest basketball game, EA Sports will release Live Pro-Am before NBA Live 16. Live Pro-Am will give gamers a chance to test two new games modes before the upcoming basketball game arrives to stores.

The first mode, LIVE Run, according to EA, gives players “a smooth and stable online pick-up game with up to nine friends on storied courts like Rucker Park, Venice Beach, Jordan Terminal 23 and more.”

The second mode, Summer Circuit, is an “online co-op mode where players will travel across North America squaring off against NBA superstars on a journey to dominate the court.”

The experience won’t go to waste for players who try Live Pro-am. The gamers’ progress in Live Pro-am will be carried over to the game once it launches.

Along Live Pro-Am, players will be able to download the GameFaceHD app for mobile devices starting on Sept. 8. Players who want to see their virtual self on the demo will be capable of scanning their face and upload it into the game.

The Tip Off mode, also included in Live Pro-Am, is an exhibition-style play with 6 NBA teams to choose from.

All these modes, along with LIVE tutorials, could help prepare basketball fans for the game’s release on Sept. 29.

Basketball fans will be able to download Live Pro-Am free of charge for PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 15.

EA Sports will release Live Pro-Am before NBA Live 16

EA Sports will release Live Pro-Am before NBA Live 16

[Source]: EA: Rise Together In NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am.

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