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The Behemoth announced today the arrival of Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One on Sept. 9. Yes, it has been seven years since the popular 2D arrived to the Xbox 360 and yet lots of people keep playing it.

Among the new features fans will see in the remastered version:
-New multiplayer mini-game called “Back Off Barbarian”
-Five times larger texture sizes than the original!
-Twice the framerate of the original! (60 frames per second)
-Performance updates, gameplay tweaks
-Online multiplayer performance updates
-Ability to find games easier and quicker online

The remastered version will cost $14.99, but players who have purchased the game for the Xbox 360 will be getting it for free through September 20th, as long as players got a current Xbox Live Gold membership. After the deadline, owners of the 360 title will be able to purchase Remastered for just $5 (XBL Gold membership still required).

With the arrival of the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature late this year, fans will sure have fun playing both the original title and the upcoming remastered game.

Will we see a Steam or PS4 version of Castle Crashers Remastered in the near future?

[Source]: The Behemoth: Castle Crashers Remastered Release Date MEGA POST.

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