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The Apple Event was very exciting today with the announcements of many new features, devices (iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple TV, iPad Pro) and apps from Apple and partners including Harmonix, Adobe and Microsoft.

Perhaps the most interesting parts of today’s announcement:

3D Touch: A new way to simplify familiar features offered by iOS and various apps. By pressing hard on the new iPhone models, users can make quick options appear given by the app to be used. By pressing slightly, users will be able to peak on photos, emails, web pages and such, and then, by pressing a bit deeper, users could see the content in full.

AppleTV: Newer games and apps. Also, the ability to talk to Siri to get lots of information while using the interface is very interesting. Asking Siri for anything (like sports news, weather, cast info, etc.) while watching a film or show indeed looks great.

Word: As in Microsoft Word. Many people may have been surprised by Microsoft bringing its software to iPad Pro using various features of the big tablet.

Among the not-so-good part of the event (for many people):

16GB versions of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: With the addition of 4K videos (4x the size of 1080p HD), the less storage space people will have to install apps and pictures. This certainly will up your 16GB iPhone and iPad storage quickly, as well as your storage on Google Photos and Microsoft OneDrive.

In case you missed the presentation, you can watch it here:

Also, check out my tweets as the event was happening:

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