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Happy 30th Anniversary, Super Mario Bros.!!! Perhaps the greatest masterpiece in electronic entertainment today celebrates its 30th anniversary. The famous gaming franchise, that also revolutionized the industry along with the launch of the NES, was launched in Japan on September 30th, 1985. Not only did the NES and SMB saved gaming, it brought us new ways of having fun.

To celebrate the anniversary, Nintendo released this special anniversary interview which includes scenes from 30 years ago with Shigeru Miyamoto. Both Tezuka and Miyamoto share with us how they worked in the making of this fantastic game, and tell us what we can do on Super Mario Maker to create our own levels.

If you are into game design or you are simply a fan and want to know how Shigeru Miyamoto (宮本 茂) and Takashi Tezuka (手塚 卓志) made this beautiful and challenging game, this is a video you must watch.

Also, type “Super Mario Bros” on Google and click on the Super Mario Bros. - Box about a hundred times or more.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Super Mario Bros.!!!

Happy 30th Anniversary, Super Mario Bros.!!!

[Source]: @Nintendo (YouTube).

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