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After a long hiatus, Karin returns in Street Fighter V. Capcom made the announcement today just as the Tokyo Game Show 2015 starts and interested gamers will be able to test the female fighter. Karin Kanzuki was last seen in the fighting franchise in Street Fighter Alpha 3 (aka ストリートファイターZERO 3) released in 1998.

Here’s a brief description of the fighter, by Capcom:
About Karin
Behind Karin’s golden locks and razer-sharp wit lies a true martial artist trained in the unique “Kanzuki style” of fighting. Utilizing her new dash move allows her to close distances quickly with her opponents and go in for quick high-low attacks or throws. Her well-rounded skills allow her to possess a full set of tools and deploy a wide array of strikes and maneuvers that will have opponents feeling the pressure. For fans who’ve longed for her return, or for those just looking for a quick fighter with lots of versatility, Karin is a welcome addition to Street Fighter V!

The company also confirmed the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) will be the “official community destination” integrated into Street Fighter V’s online infrastructure, allowing players to visit player profiles, watch replay videos, view match stats, add friends, and send invite to battle online. Capcom will release more info about CFN “in the upcoming months.”














[Source]: Capcom PR; Capcom Unity: Introducing Karin and the Capcom Fighters Network to Street Fighter V.

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