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Now it will be easier for people in the US to contact their relatives while at the largest island of the Caribbean as Verizon becomes the first US mobile service provider to offer roaming in Cuba. People who travel from the US to Cuba will be able to get connected and receive data, text and calls with Verizon’s Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option.

“Our customers are citizens of the world, and we want them to seamlessly enjoy a great Verizon experience wherever they travel,” said Javier Farfan, vice president of cultural and segment marketing for Verizon, about the company’s newest service. “By offering international services while traveling in Cuba, we are making it simple and easy for our customers to stay connected wherever and whenever they choose.”

This service can be made possible by using a World Device and opt-in to add the service. While cost for data, at $2.05 per megabyte (not per gigabyte), is the same in many countries, voice calls costs $2.99 per minute while in Cuba, which is a higher price when compared to the same service when visiting Mexico, Canada, or many other countries in the Americas.

[Source]: Verizon: Verizon is first U.S. wireless company to offer roaming in Cuba;  International ServicesAvailable international services and pricing while traveling outside the U.S.

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