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There’s still no release date for No Man’s Sky, but Colbert plays it to conquer worlds anyway. Last night on The Late Show with Steven Colbert, Sean Murray from Hello Games was interviewed about the upcoming game. Though Colbert has no success getting info about the game’s launch, he got to play the actual game.

For those who don’t know much about the game, No Man’s Sky lets players visit an immense amount of planets procedurally generated, over 18 quintillion to be exact, each one with its own flora and fauna, weather system, buildings, etc.

When he played the demo, Colbert explored a few planets which got named similar to his own, with such colorful nom de plume as Colbert Prime, Molebert, Colbison, and Colbertasaurus.

[Source]: The Late Show with Steven Colbert (YouTube): Sean Murray May Have Replaced Morgan Freeman As God.

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