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Colbert seems to know his audience well. Unlike Kimmel who made fun of gamers who watch others play online on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Colbert has brought perhaps the best night of gaming thus far on late night TV history. Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer and have played Zelda anytime since the mid-80s until now, the musical performance should delight your gaming senses of adventure and the feel of appreciation for the franchise.

The orchestra was fantastic, as it entertained us with the themes from many Zelda games starting with the one for Tri Force Heroes and switched into other more familiar songs. The glass ceiling at the theater did not have pictures of Colbert this time, which was surprising, but had those of Link instead.

In case you missed it, watch The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses on Colbert and relive the adventure of Link. Hiya!








[Source]: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Performance By The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses.

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