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Sega’s Crazy Taxi game franchise comes to mind when it comes to playing the role of a taxi driver in a video game, but the other way around completely, without the crazy stuff of course, seems realistic and possible at least in the streets of Lima starting today. What do I mean by this? Keep reading.

The Easy Taxi company launched today in Peru’s capital its GameCar campaign by including a Wii U console, an HDTV, a Wii U GamePad and a Wiimote in each of its taxis. Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Easy Taxi co-founder Christophe Robilliard said, according to Peru’s El Comercio newspaper, that the company’s goal is “to fight against the stress of passengers in a city such as Lima.” “We want to deliver a memorable travel experience, and what better way to enjoy such a traditional game like Mario Kart. We won’t want the trip to end now for sure!”

Whether the residents of Lima are going to love this service is still unknown, but if the demand increases, more cars will be added to the initial amount of 10 cabs.

Easy Taxi, founded in Brazil in 2011, currently offers services in 420 cities in 30 countries, and has received from Startup Weekend RIO 2011, IBM SmartCamp Brazil 2011, Startup Farm RIO 2011 and TNW Brazil Awards.

Easy Taxi is offering this service in Chile with Xbox One consoles since January 2015.

Taxi cabs are much more affordable in other parts of the world because of the real common need for transportation in comparison to prices taxi companies charge in the US. Easy Taxi also has its own app very similar to the one used by Uber to order a cab.

Is it cool for you to play games while riding in a taxi?

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