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The music of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is of course a smash hit, so it’s no wonder the UC Davis Marching Band brings Smash Bros. songs to football halftime show. During yesterday’s college football game, the band played many popular theme songs from Super Smash Bros., including Brawl’s main theme song and music from various Nintendo game worlds such as Hyrule Temple, Dreamland 64, and many others. What put lots of smiles in the face of fans were also the simulated fights among Link, Bowser, and two more characters battling against each other. As you’ve seen in Smash, when there’s a Smash Ball, all fighters want to get a hold of it to unleash their full power. Have fun!

[Source]: Jenny Bloomquist (YouTube): UC Davis Halftime Show 10/24/15.

[Via]: This College Marching Band Put on an Awesome Smash Bros. Themed Halftime Show.

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