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While fans of the baseball game are having lots of fun with the Extra Innings incarnation on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, developer Metalhead explains the unexpected delay for Super Mega Baseball update on PS3 and PS4, via a blog post updated three days ago.

According to Metalhead Software, the original plan was to release the update on September but was delayed until October. While the development of the new content (trial mode and two stadiums) is already finished, the problem comes mainly from “configuration changes.” The post says: “There’s simply a lot of configuration changes that have to be okay’d and a lot of back and forth involved to get it all setup correctly on both PS3/PS4 and in all regions. We’re working as fast as we can, but are stuck in a bit of a waiting game now.”

Metalhead has been waiting too long to place its new content on the PlayStation Store, much longer than previously anticipated. However, it is not giving up on bringing the Extra Innings update on the PS3 and PS4.

Super Mega Baseball got the attention of casual and hardcore gamers because of its cartoon-looking graphics and arcade-style gameplay. SMB should remind veteran gamers of retro classic titles such as Tecmo Super Bowl, NBA Jam, Bases Loaded, and Super Spike V’Ball.

[Source]: Super Mega Baseball: PS3/PS4 update delayed.

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