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During his visit to Paris for the Opera Piano Concert: Music from Final Fantasy, game composer Nobuo Uematsu said he is not at all working in the remake of FF7.

The people at French gaming site had asked Uematsu if he would compose the music for the FF7 remake, but the composer disappointed fans by replying with “Not at all.”

That brings the question of who will be in charge of the fantastic music so many fans adore for the remake.

Even if he is currently not involved, could veterans fans convince the famous composer to return once more?

[Source]: Nobuo Uematsu ne travaillera pas sur le remake de FF7.
[Video]: / GamingLive PowerPlay (Twitch): N. Uematsu & H. Nakayama Interview par Mister MV.
[Via]: Anime News Network: Nobuo Uematsu: I’m ‘Not At All’ Working on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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