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The One Piece website has announced Luffy and friends will face Foxy Pirates again in a new One Piece TV special titled Adventure of Nevlandia. The first One Piece winter TV special will air on December 19 via Fuji TV.

In the upcoming special, Kōmei, a new member of the Foxy Pirates, has a plan to bring the Straw Hat Pirates by inviting Sanji and Zoro to an eating contest to capture them. Once the Foxy Pirates kidnap both Sanji and Zoro, Luffy and friends follow Kōmei and other subordinates to the island of Nevlandia, known for its mysterious fog.

[Source]: One Piece: 土曜プレミアム『ワンピース~アドベンチャー オブ ネブランディア~』12月19日(土)午後9時放送決定!!
[Via]: Anime News Network: One Piece Anime Gets December Special Featuring Rematch With Foxy Pirates.

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