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On the Twitter account of the One-Punch Man anime series, a post reveals the names of the six OVAs that will be included with the anime episodes in the upcoming One-Punch Man DVD/BDs to be released in Japan.

So far, it has been announced the first OVA will be included in the first limited-edition DVD/BD disc, to be released on December 24 in Japan, while the second OVA will be coming with the second home video release on January 29.

Fans who purchase the first set of videos will be happy to know the anime will come with English subtitles.

The bundled edition of the 10th manga volume will also be packed with another OVA on DVD, to be released in Japan on December 4. The story on this OVA has to do with the birth of the hero suit that Saitama uses. All new OVAs are written by series creator One.

The six OVA titles are:

  • “Shinobiyori-sugiru Kage” (A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close) – 12 minutes long
  • “Hanashibeta-sugiru Deishi” (The Pupil Who Is an Extremely Poor Talker) – approximately 10 minutes long
  • “Kojire-sugiru Ninja” (The Ninja Who is Too Complicated)
  • “Gōin-sugiru Bang” (Bang, Who is Too Overbearing)
  • “Iroiro Ari-sugiru Kyōdai” (The Sisters Who Have Too Many Things Happening)
  • “Fukanō-sugiru Satsujin Jiken” (The Murder Case that is Too Impossible)

[Source]: OPM_Anime: 「ワンパンマン」.

[Via]: Anime News Network: One-Punch Man Anime DVD/BDs to Include 6 OVAs.

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