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The creators of the film The Social Network are developing a biopic based on the life of Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian game designer who created highly-successful and iconic puzzle title Tetris.

According to the web site Tracking Board, “the story details the career of Pajitnov.” While working for a Soviet research and development center in Moscow, Pajitnov developed the first version of Tetris. As the game’s popularity increased, companies fought for exclusivity. Though Nintendo obtained the rights to sell the game, which was bundled with every Game Boy portable console, Pajitnov did not received money for the game until 1996; he had given the rights to the Russian government for 10 years to market Tetris.

Pajitnov’s creation was recognized by the gaming media as a very influential game that got the attention of billion of people including of those who are not gamers.

Both Brett Ratner and James Packer are in their search for a screenwriter to bring the story to the big cinematic screen.

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[Via]: Venture Beat: Tetris film from ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ director is in the works.

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