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Since Street Fighter II Champion Edition, it has become a tradition to select fighters with a wide selection of colors. Such a feature will be present in the upcoming Pokkén Tournament game. On Christmas Day, The Pokémon Company showed Lucario with an alternate color costume in Pokkén Tournament.

The image on the post shows a second Lucario in bright red in a Lucario vs Lucario fight.

The post also mentions that not every one will be getting the Lucario figure in bright red. Gamers in Japan will be required to enter into a lottery to win this Lucario limited-edition figure.

[Sources]: Hardcore Gamer: Pokkén Tournament Reveals Palette Swapped Fighters; Pokemon (Japan): ポケモンセンター・ポケモンストアで、豪華オリジナル特典付きのWii U専用ソフト『ポッ拳 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT』パッケージ版を手に入れよう!!.

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