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Fifteen years after its Japanese and North American debut on PlayStation consoles, Final Fantasy IX is coming to PC and smartphones. As the last Final Fantasy game originally published on PlayStation 1 consoles, fans of FFIX will be able to relive the adventures of Zidane and friends. This can also be a great opportunity for the generation of gamers who have missed out on this adventure, back when Square Enix was still known as SquareSoft.

For gamers not familiar with FFIX, here’s an intro (taken from the updated Square Enix FFIX site):

Princess Garnet of Alexandria will soon celebrate her birthday, and to commemorate the occasion, a theater troupe has come to put on a show. However, these travelling performers have come not to entertain but to kidnap Her Highness.

What starts as a seemingly simple seizure escalates into an incredible adventure. Join Zidane, Princess Garnet, and party of extraordinary characters on a journey to discover the truth of the Crystal and save their world from an encroaching darkness.

[Source]: Square Enix FFIX (Japan).

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