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The Force Awakens is not the only Star Wars property breaking records now that EA has sold 12+ million copies of Star Wars Battlefront in the first two months of release.

Six million copies were sold in the last two weeks of November, plus an additional six million in the month of December. For EA, the release of Star Wars Battlefront is going to beat its expected goal of 13 million copies by the month of March.

Also, analyst Michael Patcher believes the sales of Star Wars Battlefront have accumulated almost $660 million in revenue. Adding to that amount is the estimated $200 million in sales of Disney Infinity Star Wars games and toys, Patcher told Fortune.

[Source]: Fortune: Star Wars Video Games Generate Over $1 Billion in Sales.
[Via]: IGN: Star Wars Battlefront Sells 12 Million Copies in First 2 Months.

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