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Oculus VR has announced its virtual reality device Oculus Rift costs $599, launches on March 28, and is already available for pre-order.

The device, according to Oculus VR, will include a headset, sensor, Oculus Remote, Xbox One controller, cables, and two games (Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale). Absent will be the Touch Controller will won’t be available until the second half of 2016.

At $599, Rift will be expensive to afford, specially if laptops or desktops do not meet the requirements. In order for Rift to work effectively, computers will need at least: an NVIDIA GTX 970 or an AMD 920 equivalent or greater, 8GB, an Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater, three USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port, and Windows 7 (64-bit) with Service Pack 1 or a newer 64-bit version of the operating system.

For those who can afford a new PC, Oculus is offering a PC with Rift bundle that costs $1,499. The bundle pre-orders will start sometime in February.

To make sure it works on your Windows PC, you may want to download the Rift compatibility tool [].

While early adopters will certainly purchase the device, will Oculus VR be able to convince others? Gamers will have an option later this year with the PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 4, while HTC and Valve are almost ready to launch the HTC Vive in April.

[Source]: Oculus VR: Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Now Open, First Shipments March 28.

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