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As the game is getting closer to its release date, Gearbox introduces two new characters for Battleborn, the company’s first IP since the creation of Borderlands back in 2009.

In these videos, Gearbox shows the skills of Deande and Ghalt in the first-person MOBA shooter.

Here’s a description of Deande:

Far from silent – definitely deadly, check out some battlefield footage of Deande slicing up the opposition with her War Fans and serious stealth. Find out why Deande is one of the deadliest assassins the massive Jennerit Empire has ever produced.

And Trevor’s:

Trevor Ghalt is the first Battleborn. This former peacekeeper rallied the remaining heroes in the Solus system to fight the Varlesi – and will not let anyone, or anything, get in the way of his automatic shotguns, shrapnel traps or his mission to save the last star in the universe.



[Source]: Battleborn: Introducing Ghalt, Deande and The End of the Universe.

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