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The world of dubbing for Latin America is in mourning after the announcement about the death of Jesús Barrero, the voice of Rick Hunter and Seiya, among many others. The Mexican actor died at age 57 in his battle with lung cancer.

Mario Castañeda, the Latin American voice of Goku (on Dragon Ball anime) shared the news earlier this morning via his official Twitter account.

His voice reached more than a generation of fans of anime and movies, as he lent his voice to the dubbing of characters like Luke Skywalker (for the original Latin American Spanish dub of Star Wars), Koji Kabuto (Mazinger Z), as well as the Spanish voice of Hollywood film actors like those of Paul Walker, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, among many others.

For anime fans who have grown up in Latin America and remember his voice, it is the loss of an unforgettable voice.

Thanks for everything you’ve done, Jesús.

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