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While the Nintendo 3DS has been a much more successful device for Nintendo in previous years compared to the Wii U, it seems like things are chaging as Nintendo announces changes to its financial forecast ending on March 2016, with bad news for the 3DS family of devices and good news for the Wii U console.

For the Nintendo 3DS hardware, it’s a 13.2% reduction in its forecast, from 7.6 million down to 6.6 million, while the Wii and Wii U remain the same at 100,000 and 3.4 million respectively.

As for software, there are changes for each of Nintendo’s consoles. Nintendo has changed the forecast of 3DS titles from 56 million to 47 million copies, as well for Wii from 4 million to 7 million. Wii U software sales are also going up from 23 million to 27 million worldwide.

The main reasons for the financial forecast modifications, according to Nintendo, are “based on the sales performance for the nine months ended December 31, 2015 and after the beginning of the new calendar year, as well as considering recent trends of yen appreciation in foreign currency exchanges.”

[Source]: Nintendo: Notice of Full-Year Financial Forecast Modifications and Dividend Forecast (63KB).

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