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For fans who are loyal to Sony’s first portable gaming device, bad news are coming at the end of March as Sony is shutting down access to the PSP’s PlayStation Store in North America. According to a post at its Support page, the closing of the PlayStation Store for owners of the PlayStation Portable will affect gamers starting March 31st, 2016.

Though gamers won’t be able to buy software digitally directly from the PS Store on their mentioned device, they will still be able to purchase titles online via the PS Store at and select PSP titles via the PS Vita’s PS Store.

In addition, PSP owners will be able to “access past purchases from the Download list on their PSP system.” Players interested in making in-game purchases will be able to do so with their PSP handheld device.

Unfortunately, Sony does not explain the reason of the closure but gamers’ lack of interest in the company’s portable devices could be a contributing factor. Sony is not currently working on any PSP or PS Vita titles.

Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan is also shutting down the same digital store on March 31st in Japan. The UMD Passport Service, the one that lets PS Vita users register their PSP UMD games to buy the digital versions of titles at a reduced price, will also end in Japan.

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