Super Famicom-themed New Nintendo 3DS is coming to Japan Will gamers outside Japan see it arrive to their countries?">

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While many gamers were watching the US broadcast of Nintendo Direct, the people at Nintendo’s Japanese webcast announced a Super Famicom-themed New Nintendo 3DS is coming to Japan.

The new Super Famicom New Nintendo 3DS shall bring back memories to Japanese gamers who owned the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo. With the addition of Super Famicom and Super Nintendo games to the 3DS Virtual Console for New Nintendo 3DS models, it should be fun to relive those childhood moments once again. Players anxious for this model may want to wait many months to see it arrive to their countries, that is if Nintendo approves it for each of its regions outside Japan.

Nintendo shared a photo of the upcoming New 3DS model coming to Japan.

[Source]: @Nintendo (Twitter): スーパーファミコンデザインのNewニンテンドー3DSLLを任天堂ホームページ限定で受注販売。後日受付を開始。

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