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It’s been a long wait for Harmonix fans who have wanted to relive the days of a classic PlayStation 2 title on their PlayStation 3 consoles, but now they won’t have to wait long as Harmonix announces Amplitude is finally coming to the PS3 in April. Though the PlayStaion 4 version of the title had had its release this past January, many fans of the rhythm action game won’t have to wait much longer.

According to a post on Kickstarter: “First up, PS3 version: It’s done! We’re submitting it to Sony certification today. The certification and release process takes a couple weeks, but you’ll be able to get your Sixaxis controllers all up in Amplitude’s business in April. We’re hoping for early April, but I’ll let you know when we have a confirmed date locked down.”

Still, users waiting for the physical rewards, which includes the game soundtrack’s vinyl record, will have to wait a few more weeks as they won’t be ready until just after the PS3 version gets released.

And as for the final digital reward, the art book, it is being sent to backers starting today.

[Source]: Harmonix (KickStarter): PS3 Version, Physical Rewards, and Artbook Info!.

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