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Gamers who have been following SNK since the days of the NES with Crystalis and Ikari Warriors and years later with the arrival of the Neo Geo console should be very familiar with SNK as the original name of the company, and now the company gets it one more time as SNK Playmore becomes SNK again.

On SNK’s official Twitter account, @SNKPofficial, the company mentioned revival of SNK with the following tweet:

The original SNK founded in 1978 shut down its doors in 2001 due to financial problems, with Playmore purchasing the assets and renaming the company as SNK Playmore. Last year, Ledo Millennium, a subsidiary of Leyou Technologies, acquired 81.25% stake in the company.

[Source]: @SNKPofficial (Twitter) : Important!SNK PLAYMORE’s logo & slogan have been renewed. Stay tuned for exciting more news about SNK’s revival!.

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