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Via its financial report and social media, it has been confirmed Nintendo will release the NX console in March 2017 worldwide. Though Nintendo did not share details of its upcoming hardware, it is supposed to be a “brand-new concept.”

Though E3 is just less than two months away, the talk of a new console could bring more gamers and the media to this year’s event.

Nintendo also shared some more news:

The upcoming Legend of Zelda “will be the focus of #E3 2016” as the game will make its debut “simultaneously on both Wii U and NX in 2017.”

Two franchises will be coming to smart devices: Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing

More than 10 million users globally for the Miitomo app.

More than 20 million Miifotos already.

[Sources]: Nintendo IR: Consolidated Financial Statements – April 27, 2016; @NintendoAmerica (Twitter).

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