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Fans of Mario and friends will see their favorite characters officially in a very familiar blocky world as Super Mario is coming to Minecraft: Wii U Edition in an upcoming update.

For fans who own the downloadable version, the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack DLC will be coming to Wii U on May 17, while the physical release arrive a month later on June 17 for only $29.99.

For the very first time, fans will be visiting the pixelated world of Mario and friends inside Minecraft, with 40 new skins for characters, item textures, and the familiar Mario music many fans have grown up with. It will be cool for players to create their own Super Mario worlds.

If you don’t have the Wii U version yet, you may want to give it a try. It’s available via the eShop.

[Source]: @NintendoAmerica (Twitter): So many blocks to punch! Mario and the gang are coming to #Minecraft #WiiU Edition as a free update on 5/17!.

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